Determination of Nuclear Genome Size

Comparison of relative positions of G1 peaks corresponding to the sample nuclei and the nuclei isolated from a plant with known DNA content, respectively, permit accurate determination of the "unknown" DNA content:

Figure 21. Relative DNA content distribution of nuclei isolated from young leaves of Musa acuminataerrans and Glycine max cv "Polanka" (2C = 2.50 pg DNA). The ratio of G1 peak means (Glycine /Musa) = 1.984. Thus the 2C nuclear DNA content of M. acuminata errans is equal to 2.50 / 1.984 = 1.26 pg DNA. 

Absolute values in pg DNA can be converted to the number of base pairs. The conversion factor is 1 pg = 965 million base-pairs (Mbp).

Table 3. Nuclear genome size of Musa genotypes estimated by flow cytometry*

Genotype Genome 2C DNA Content (pg) 1C DNA
Mean CV[%] (Mbp)
M. balbisiana BB 1,14 2,57 552
M. acuminata AA 1,23 1,48 593
Pisang Mas (Austria) AA 1,25 1,62 605
M. acuminata errans AA 1,26 1,72 606
Pisang Mas (Malaysia) AA 1,26 1,14 607

Glycine max cv. "Polanka" (2C DNA content = 2.50 pg) was used as an internal reference standard