Veřejná soutěž ve výzkumu, vývoji a inovacích

Spolupráce s Bioversity International na globální analýze a uchovávání genetické diverzity banánovníku

This project will contribute to the conservation and use of genetic diversity of bananas and plantains. The investigations will include all accessions held in the global gene bank as well as the accessions which will be newly introduced to the bank. The experiments will be performed using the recently established genotyping platform, and will include flow cytometric estimation of ploidy and genome size, and analysis using 19 microsatellite (SSR) markers. The accessions, which will not give clear results after SSR genotyping, will be used for sequence analysis of ITS locus. This complex approach will result in detailed description of genetic diversity and facilitate identification of mixed and mixoploid accessions in the gene bank. The results will shed light on the evolution and genomic constitution of edible banana clones and characterize genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships within the family Musaceae.
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