Chromosomal DNA

We are able to provide DNA amplified from chromosome and/or chromosome arms purified by flow cytometry. These materials are available only from certain genotypes of wheat, barley and rye.

Chromosomal DNA is amplified using illustra GenomiPhi V2 DNA Amplification Kit (GE Healthcare) in a 20 µl reaction and lyophilized for shipment. This DNA can be used directly for standard PCR or next-generation sequencing. For more details see Šimková et al. 2008

IMPORTANT NOTICE. We are not a service provider. As a research laboratory we can provide chromosomal DNA only as part of a collaboration and we require that our research staff who creates these unique resources is included as co-authors in publications resulting from direct use of amplified DNA and products derived from them.

We require a signed MTA prior to shipment of DNA. The prices are calculated only to recover our costs. (see pricing information)