The laboratories have been recently renovated and have a total area of 200 square meters. They comprise five rooms that are fully equipped as wet laboratories, one room with microscopic equipment and five offices. Common use facilities include a dark room, a media preparation room, four growth chambers, and a walk-in cold room. Two heated greenhouses (each 120 square meters) are nearby.

Major items of equipment in the laboratory include:

  • ABI 3730xl DNA Analyzer, 96-capillary DNA sequencer (Applied Biosystems)
  • Becton Dickinson FACSVantage dual laser flow cytometer/cell sorter (Becton Dickinson)
  • Partec PAS flow cytometer equipped with a 488 nm air-cooled laser and mercury arc lamp (Partec)
  • Olympus AX70 fluorescent microscope equipped with a cooled digital b/w camera and MicroImage image analysis system (Olympus)
  • Olympus BX60 fluorescent microscope equipped with a PM30 microphotography system and a b/w CCD camera, ISIS image analysis system and videoprinter (Olympus, ISIS)
  • QBot (Genetix)
  • GenTAC3 robot (Genomic Solutions)
  • Biorobot (Qiagen)
  • Liquid-handling robot Biomek NX (Beckman Coulter)
  • Biorad pulse field gel electrophoresis system CHEF-DRII (Bio-Rad)
  • High-throughput polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis MegaGel (C.B.S. Scientific)
  • Thermal cycler C100 (Bio-Rad
  • Master cycler with in situ adapter (Eppendorf)
  • PCR thermocyclers MJ Research PTC-100 and PTC-200; T-Professional basic gradient (MJ Research; Biometra)
  • Cell Porator (Gibco)
  • Mixer mill Retsch MM301 (Retsch)
  • Hydroshear (Gene Machines)
  • Jouan MR22, CR3i, refrigerated centrifuges (Thermo)
  • Turner Designs fluorometer
  • Techne hybridization oven HB-2D (Techne)
  • Ultra-Lum gel visualization, documentation and analysis system KS-4000 (Ultra-Lum)

Common use equipment shared by all groups in the Research Centre includes:

  • -80 C freezer; tissue culture incubators; water purification systems; autoclaves