Flow Cytometry with Plant Cells

edited by J. DolezelJ. Greilhuber, and J. Suda
The first comprehensive book on plant flow cytometry was published by Wiley-VCH in February 2007.

Book Contents
  • Cytometry and Cytometers: Development and Growth (H.M. Shapiro)
  • Principles of Flow Cytometry (J.P. Robinson, G. Grégori)
  • Flow Cytometry in Plants (J. Doležel, J. Greilhuber, J. Suda)
  • Nuclear DNA Content Measurement (J. Greilhuber, E. Temsch, J. Loureiro)
  • Flow Cytometry and Ploidy: Applications in Plant Systematics, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (J. Suda, P. Kron, B.C. Husband, P. Trávníček)
  • Reproduction Mode Screening (F. Matzk)
  • Genome Size and its Uses: the Impact of Flow Cytometry (I.J. Leitch, M.D. Bennett)
  • DNA Base Composition of Plant Genomes (A. Meister, M. Barow)
  • Detection and Viability Assessment of Plant Pathogenic Micro-organisms using Flow Cytometry (J.H.W. Bergervoet, J.M. van der Wolf, J. Peters)
  • Protoplast Analysis using Flow Cytometry and Sorting (D.W. Galbraith)
  • Flow Cytometry of Chloroplasts (E. Pfündel, A. Meister)
  • DNA Flow Cytometry in Non-vascular Plants (H. Volgmayr)
  • Phytoplankton Analysis using Flow Cytometry (G.B.J. Dubelaar, R. Casotti, G.A. Tarran, I.C. Biegala)
  • Cell Cycle Analysis in Plants (M. Pfosser, Z. Magyar, L. Bögre)
  • Endopolyploidy in Plants and its Analysis by Flow Cytometry (M. Barow, G. Jovtchev)
  • Chromosome Analysis and Sorting (J. Doležel, M. Kubaláková, P. Suchánková, P. Kovářová, J. Bartoš, H. Šimková)
  • Analysis of Plant Gene Expression using Flow Cytometry and Sorting (D.W. Galbraith)
  • FLOWER: A Plant DNA Flow Cytometry Database (J. Loureiro, J. Suda, J. Doležel, C. Santos)