Graduate Programs

Department of Botany 

Supervision of PhD theses:

Jaroslav Doležel
  • Plant genome analysis using flow,sorted chromosomes (P. Cápal)
  • Characterization of RanGTPase pathway protein RanBP9/10 and TPX2 and its relationship to plant cytoskeleton (E.Tomaštíková)
  • Functional characterisation of plant Aurora kinases and their role in cytokinesis (H. Jeřábková)
Hana Šimková
  • Construction of physical map of wheat chromosome arm 7DS and its use for positional cloning (H. Staňková)
  • Organization of DNA in interphase nuclei and mitotic chromosomes of plants (T. Beseda)
  • Sequence and functional analysis of the short arm of wheat chromosome 7D (Z. Tulpová)
Miroslav Valárik
  • Physical map of the wheat chromosome 4AL and positional cloning of a gene for yield (B. Klocová)
  • Mapping, study, and characterization of agronomically important wheat traits with focus on yield and disease resistances (H. Vanžurová)
  • Positional cloning and characterization of powdery mildew resistance gene in wheat (E. Komínková)
Jan Šafář
  • Fine mapping and gene analysis of the flowering time gene in wheat (Z. Ivaničová)
Jan Bartoš
  • Cytogenetic mapping of small grain cereals genome (M. Havránková Karafiátová)
  • Physical mapping, sequencing and functional analysis of chromosome arm 3DS in wheat (K. Cviková)
  • Study of tissue-specific expression in hexaploid wheat (M. Bednářová)
David Kopecký
  • Study on gene expression in intergeneric grass hybrids. (Š. Stočes)
  • Nuclei 3D structure in interspecific hybrids (V. Burešová)
Roman Hobza
  • Genetic aspects of heavy metal uptake in barley (M. Horníková)