Musa genotyping centre


We provide SSR genotyping service to the international Musa community under the auspices of the Bioversity International (Monpellier, FR).


We use standardized platform for molecular characterization of Musa germplasm developed in our laboratory (Christelová et al. 2011). The system is based on 19 microsatellite loci that are scored after the PCR with fluorescently labeled primers and capillary electrophoretic separation with internal standard (GeneScanTM-500 LIZ size standard, Applied Biosystems). The PCR products are multiplexed prior to the separation and loaded onto the automatic 96-capillary ABI 3730xl DNA Analyzer. Electrophoretic separation and signal detection is carried out with default module settings. The resulting data are then analyzed and called for alleles using GeneMarker® v1.75 (Softgenetics).


Detailed description of standartized SSR platform.


Genotyping data - SSR scores for genotypes used in the study of Christelová et al. 2011.