Sex chromosome evolution - chromosome-specific genomics in genus Silene

Start date: 
Sunday, January 1, 2012
End date: 
Saturday, December 31, 2016
In contrast to animals with mostly separated two sexes, a number of reproductive strategies coexist in higher plants. Surprisingly, the presence of well-established sex chromosomes in dioecious plants is rare. We intend to investigate structure and evolution of sex chromosomes in dioecious plant Silene latifolia. Since only limited sequence information on sex chromosomes is available in this species we focus on characterization of X chromosome as the fundamental step towards understanding the evolution of sex chromosomes. Our first goal is to construct X chromosome-specific BAC library using flow sorting approach. Subsequently, X chromosome specic physical map will be assembled and individual BACs will be sequenced. In parallel, massive sequencing using sorted X and Y chromosomes and sex chromosome-corresponding BAC clones in gynodioecious S. vulgaris will be carried out. Expression data for individual tissues, sexes and species will be generated based on RNA-seq approach. Comparative analyses of the data obtained will improve our understanding of processes forming sex chromosomes.
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Jan Šafář
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Hobza Roman