We have constructed the library within the framework of the EU FP7 TriticeaeGenome Project (FP7-212019) coordinated by Dr. Catherine Feuillet (INRA, Clermont-Ferrand) as part of the IWGSC efforts to sequence the genome of hexaploid wheat. The library is being used by Prof. Mike Bevan (JIC, Norwich) to develop physical map of Chinese Spring wheat chromosome arm 3DL. Please, contact our Laboratory director Dr. Jaroslav Doležel, Dr. C. Feuillet and Prof. M. Bevan to discuss the use of the library in your research and to obtain a copy of the library from us. In order to avoid potential conflicts of interest and duplication of efforts, we advice that you also contact Executive Director of IWGSC Kellye Eversole to discuss the use of the library. Please, note that we require that our research staff involved in the library construction is included as co-authors on any publication arising from using this genomic resource.