Undergraduate Programs

Department of Cell Biology and Genetics

Supervision of MSc and Bc topics:

  • Molecular and cytogenetic characterization of 'East African Highland' bananas. (MSc. thesis, A. Němečková)
  • Analysis and cytogenetic mapping of tandemly organized repeats in the genome of Festuca sp. and Lolium sp. (MSc. thesis, J. Zwyrtková)
  • Analysis of genetic diversisty and phylogeny of plantain bananas. (Bc. thesis, L. Vrda)
  • Fine mapping and cloning of QPm-tut-4A gene which is conferring wheat resistance against Blumeria graminis. (MSc. thesis, A. Ryšavá)
  • Developing a platform for the rapid identification of interspecific hybrids of grasses (MSc. thesis, A. Slávikova)

Barbora Klocová

  • Characterization of recombinant mapping population for mapping the gene / genes resistance to powdery mildew in wheat T. monococcum L. (Bc. thesis, V. Svoboda)