The Foods for the Future research program of Strategy of Czech Academy of Sciences

The Strategy of the Czech Academy of Sciences responds to current social challenges through a sophisticated formulation of research programmes, based on cooperation of scientific fields and institutions. The research programmes of the CAS are open to partners from universities, corporations, and institutions of regional administration, as well as foreign research groups and organisations. The research programmes are proposed and formulated in discussion of the leadership of the CAS with directors of the institutes with regard to trends in global science, social relevance of the research, and National Priorities of Oriented Research.

The Foods for the Future research program responds to the global socio-economic problem which is to feed the growing population through multidisciplinary approaches and state-of-the-art technologies, including the methods of genome editing. The Program also focuses on the prevention of diseases of the digestive tract and on a better use of microalgae in nutrition and production of valuable substances. The attention is paid to wasting food and to new approaches for processing of natural materials and bio-waste. The program comprises top research teams from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic who cooperate with university departments and other research organizations. The new knowledge, resources and methods will be used by breeders, companies engaged in the production of plant and livestock products, state administration and various non-profit and patient organizations.
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