• Analysis of genetic diversity in Musa ssp. is performed using a standardized platform by 19 microsatellite (SSR) markers, described in detail by Christelová et al. (2011).

Our approach includes analysis of ploidy level using flow cytometry (chicken red blood cells are used as internal standard) followed by isolation of genomic DNA and PCR amplification using specific primers combined with universal fluorescently labeled primers. To avoid bias and genotyping errors, at least two independent rounds of PCR reactions are done. The SSR profiles for each individual sample are gained by capillary electrophoresison ABI3730xl DNA analyzer and dara obtaine are analyzed using GeneMarker v1.75 software (Softgenetics) followed by manual check. 
Allele sizes are kept ar binary matrix and analyzed together with the "core subset" data according to Christelová et al. (2017).


  • We store and distribute genomic DNA of the Reference DNA collection of Musa - see bellow.

  • We provide ploidy analysis using flow cytometry and SSR genotyping of Musa accessions for broad Musa research community.


Reference DNA collection samples are distributed at a cost-recovery basis in collaboration with GMGC: List of Genomic DNA

Allele sizes of the first set of Musa accessions (Christelová et al. 2011): First_Musa_set.zip

Allele sizes of the core subset (Christelová et al. 2017): Core_subset.zip