Analyzing repair of toxic DNA-protein crosslinks in Arabidopsis

01/2019 - 12/2021
Principle investigator
External stress, specific metabolites and even regular developmental processes (e.g. meiotic recombination) lead to covalent entrapping of proteins to DNA and formation of DNA-protein crosslink (DPC). DPCs are highly toxic structures representing physical barrier for DNA sliding enzymes and interfering with replication and transcription. However, detoxification from DPCs is little understood in plants. We developed a system for induction of replication-coupled enzymatic DPCs in the model plant Arabidopsis. Using this system, we established a forward directed genetic screen aiming at identification of genes involved in DPC repair. To date, we screened about 10% of the mapping population and identified several DPC hypersensitive candidates, out of which we already mapped two genes. Both genes represent new factors associated with DPC repair, emphasizing novelty of the proposed work.