Cloning and molecular characterization of wheat QPm-tut-4A gene conferring seedling and adult plant race nonspecific powdery mildew resistance

01/2014 - 12/2016
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Biotrophic fungus Blumeria graminis is causing powdery mildew disease. Recently, race non-specific powdery mildew resistance gene QPm. tut-4A was high density mapped and characterized on distal end of long arm of wheat chromosome 4A. The QPm.tut-4A locus was narrowed down to 0.25 cM between markers Mag2931 and Mag974 on mapping population of 1350 lines. Here we propose to identify candidate gene/genes for the resistance and characterize them on molecular level. The candidate genes will be identified by BAC contig walking on Chinese Spring 4AL specific physical map from the flanking markers. MTP BAC clones of contig harboring the QPm.tut-4A locus will be sequenced, annotated and candidate gene will be verified and evaluated using radiation hybrid panel developed specifically for this locus and tilling population developed from isogenic resistant line.  

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