Collaboration with CIMMYT on the study of diversity and evolution of maize B chromosome

03/2019 - 12/2023
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Principle investigator
Aim of the proposed project is analysis of B chromosome diversity in maize (Zea mays). We will accumulate novel data using molecular, cytogenetics, sequencing and bioinformatics approaches, which will contribute to our knowledge about protein-coding genes on B chromosome and its evolution.
The effect of B chromosome on phenotype of host plant will be also evaluated. Specific aims of the project are: screening of available germplasm bank accessions for presence of B chromosomes; sequencing genes of B chromosomes in individual lines using Hyb-Seq; characterization of repetitive sequences on B chromosomes using FISH; analysis of diversity and evolution of maize B chromosome; phenotyping of B-positive and B-negative plants of the same accession.