Identification and characterization of T. militinae gene responsible for wheat APR resistence against powdery mildew

01/2018 - 12/2020
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A powdery mildew resistance gene QPm.tut-4A was recently, mapped at the end of wheat 4AL chromosome in owm169 - owm228 region. 680 kbp of the sensitive cv. Chinese spring comprise 71 predicted genes from which only 20 have slight homology with 480 kbp of homologous region of resistant T. militinae. In the region 73 genes were predicted. Out of these eight were found similar to retrotransposons, 16 were found just hypothetical, 12 are carrying LRR conserved domain and 18 have other conserved domains known to be involved in resistance. In the project we propose identification of candidate gene/genes for the resistance and their characterization on molecular and phenotypic level. The candidate genes will be identified using a TILLING population in which seven lines were confirmed to lose the resistance. 4A chromosomes from these lines will be sequenced and genes which will have nonsense mutations in all lines are candidates and will be characterized using Transient Assay and knockout approaches.