PhD position in gene identification and editing

PhD student
Valarik's group
Available for aplicants with Ms. degree.


Characterization and functional validation of gene for plant resistance to powdery mildew in wheat. 

(Supervisor: Mgr. Miroslav Valárik, PhD.,, IEB AS CR,, supported by GAČR grant award: 18-11688S)  

Infection of wheat by fungus B. graminis is causing powdery mildew disease. Recently, non-race-specific powdery mildew resistance gene QPm.tut-4A was mapped on distal end of long arm of wheat chromosome 4A. The locus was bypassed by sequences in both the resistant and susceptible parental lines. 12 high-confidence gene were identified. The main objectives of this international project are identification, functional validation of the QPm-tut-4A gene and characterization its function in the host - pathogen interactions. Construction of CRISP/Cas9, RNAi a transformation of the resistant line will be the basis for identification of the candidate gene. Broad range of genetic, genomic and bioinformatics methods will be used to fulfill the goal. The work will be done in collaboration with USA and European research laboratories.

Required skills

- Ms. in Biology or molecular biology or microbiology or related areas;
- Basic English skills are required

Application, documents and dates

Position is available from September 1. 2019
Contact: Mgr. Miroslav Valárik, Ph.D.,  

Or personally at: 
Centre of Plant Structural and Functional Genomics
Institute of Experimental Botany AS CR
Slechtitelu 31/893E
78371 Olomouc

The study program is in collaboration with Palacký University, Olomouc.