Study of B chromosomes during embryo development in Sorghum purpureosericeum

PhD student
BartoŇ° group


B chromosomes are supernumerary non-essential chromosomes that have been discovered in many species among plants, animals and fungi. Due to their dispensable nature, in a given species, B chromosomes can be either present or absent among different individuals and even different tissues. In Sorghum purpureosericeum, B chromosomes undergo extensive elimination during early embryo development.

Single nuclei transcriptomics in developing S. purpureosericeum embryo will be the main topic for the Ph.D. study. A candidate will develop technology for single nucleus RNA-seq and use bioinformatic tools to cluster snRNA-seq data, assess gene expression and follow B chromosome elimination. He/She should have at least a basic experience of molecular biological techniques, a positive attitude towards computers and data analysis, and a passion for learning new techniques. MSc. in molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics or similar is required.
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