Analysis of nuclear organization and dynamics in endosperm tissues of barley

01/2018 - 12/2020
Principle investigator
Co-principle investigator
Seeds of cereals are the key source of food for humans and domestic animals. This is owing to their large and energy-rich triploid endosperm tissues. In Arabidopsis, endosperm precursor cells undergo massive epigenetic reprogramming, which is necessary for succesful seed development. Surprisingly, little is known about epigenetic control of endosperm development in seeds of major European cereals. We will identify epigenetic makeup, chromozome organization and nuclear dynamics during endosperm development in the diploid temperate zone cereal crop barley (Hordeum vulgare). Besides of wild-type, we will analyze eight previously found barley endosperm development mutants. RNA-sequencing of developing wild-type endosperm and tracing of barley endosperm chromatin and cytoskeleton in vivo. This project will be a flagship of the seed chromatin research in cereals.