When 1+1≠2: Conundrum of non-Mendelian inheritance of parental chromosomes in plant hybrids

01/2024 - 12/2026
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In interspecific hybrids, non-Mendelian inheritance of parental chromosomes may occur. The chromosomes of one parent are transmitted to the successive generation(s) of hybrids less successfully than the chromosomes of the other parent. In this project we will study the mechanisms responsible for this phenomenon. Our preliminary results in Festuca x Lolium hybrids suggest that preferential chromosome elimination is associated with allele-specific silencing of kinetochore genes from one parent before and during meiosis. Using multidisciplinary approach, we will determine how the kinetochore is assembled in plant hybrids and how compatible the individual kinetochore components from different parental genomes are during this assembly. We will also test the possibility of manipulating non-Mendelian inheritance in model Arabidopsis thaliana x A. lyrata crosses using mutants of kinetochore genes.