Hřibová Group

Our group focuses on the structure, organization and evolution of plant genomes. We are using NGS, molecular and cytogenetic approaches and bioinformatic tools to expand the knowledge on genome organization and karyotype evolution in Musaceae. Recently, we are also interested in DNA replication in time and space in Hordeum vulgare and Brachypodium distachyon, related species varying in genome sizes, and analysis of genome organization using super resolution microscopy.
  • We provide analysis of Musa genetic diversity using SSR genotyping platform.

      Musa Genotyping Centre

  • We are interested in identification and characterization of DNA repetitive elements.             

      Databases of DNA repeats


  • Striking variation in chromosome structure within Musa acuminata subspecies, diploid cultivars, and F1 diploid hybrids. See more in our recent publication (Beránková et al., 2024).
  • Insight into chromatin compaction and spatial organization in rice interphase nuclei. See more in our recent publication (Doležalová et al., 2024).
  • SOS1 tonoplast neo-localization and the RGG protein SALTY are important in the extreme salinity tolerace of Salicornia bigelovii. See more in the recent publication (Salazar et al., 2024).