Centre of Plant Structural & Functional Genomics

Our research unveils the organization of genetic information of plants and explains how it controls plant growth and development. Our teams collaborate with colleagues across the world. We have participated in the ambitious projects that delivered genome sequences of important crops including barley and wheat.


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New publication: Restoring cytonuclear stoichiometry . . .
Annotation: Whole genome duplication and interspecific hybridization are two core processes that underline evolution and speciation in plants. They also represent widely used tools in the plant breeding. Although these two phenomena confer long-term benefits to the plant species, they bring many obstacles to be dealt with in order to stabilize the newly acquired genetic environment. In this study, we examined how newly established polyploids and . . .
New publication: Core promoterome of barley embryo
Annotation:  Precise localization and dissection of gene promoters are key to understanding transcriptional gene regulation and to future bioengineering applications. In this study, we employed cap analysis of gene expression (CAGE) at three embryonic developmental stages in barley to accurately map, annotate, and quantify transcription initiation events. Using novel bioinformatics tools for sequence clustering coupled with annotation of . . .
New publication: SMC5/6 complex-mediated SUMOylation . . .
Annotation: „DNA-protein crosslinks, i.e. proteins covalently attached to DNA molecule represent extremely toxic type of DNA damage, which hinder the essential processes of replication and transcription. Here, we set-up forward-directed genetic screen to identify mutants hypersensitive to DNA protein crosslink inducing chemical zebularine that crosslinks METHYLTRANSFERASE1 (MET1) at 45S rDNA repeats. We mapped HYPERSENSITIVE TO ZEBULARINE 1 (HZE1 . . .


Seminar of Martin Potocky
ÚEB, Šlechtitelů 31, Olomouc
Theme:  Unraveling the secret(ion): multifaceted regulation of plant exocytosis
Seminar of Adam Lukaszewski
21.8.2023 at 10:30
ÚEB, Šlechtitelů 31, Olomouc
Theme: Quirky cytoplasm of Aegilops Kotschyi - Aka Fate has a sense of humor
Seminar of Amanda Souza Câmara
ÚEB, Šlechtitelů 31, Olomouc
Dancing chromosomes - simulating the dynamics of chromosomes with polymer models
Seminar of Stephen Pearce
ÚEB, Šlechtitelů 31, Olomouc
Theme: Functional genomics for wheat improvement

Our Activities

The Institute of Experimental Botany of the Czech . . .
The Centre of Plant Structural and Functional Genomics is one of the organizational units of the Institute of Experimental Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The Institute of was founded in 1962. Today, it has 14 laboratories located in Prague and Olomouc. The institute conducts fundamental research in plant genetics, physiology, phytopathology and biotechnology. The research in plant genetics focuses on plant genome organization, evolution and . . .
The Application Laboratory for Agricultural Research
The Application Laboratory for Agricultural Research is the first laboratory at the Czech Academy of Sciences to link scientists with breeders and farmers. It was established under the Food for Future Program of the Strategy AV21 in February 2017 and is located at the Centre of Plant Structural and Functional Genomics of the Institute of Experimental Botany in Olomouc. The main objective of the Laboratory is to facilitate the . . .
The Foods for the Future research program of Strategy . . .
The Strategy of the Czech Academy of Sciences responds to current social challenges through a sophisticated formulation of research programmes, based on cooperation of scientific fields and institutions. The research programmes of the CAS are open to partners from universities, corporations, and institutions of regional administration, as well as foreign research groups and organisations. The research programmes are proposed and formulated in discussion . . .