Bartoš Group

Our group is unrevealing the structure of the plant genomes at sequence level using NGS, molecular and cytogenetic approaches and bioinformatic tools.  We helped to expand the knowledge of genome organization and function of many species, mainly cereals. Recently, our interest is shifting to the species possessing so-called „B“ or „supernumerary“ chromosomes with the aim to uncover the evolution and biology of this mysterious  component of plant genomes.
Our main research interests
  • Sorghum and maize B chromosomes
  • B chromosome nondisjunction and elimination 
  • sequencing technologies

Our group operates Sequencing Core Facility at the Institute.


  • 2021/08/06: The reference sequence of maize B chromosome was published in PNAS (Link). Our work helped to reveal a cis factor involved in mechanism underlying its non-Mendelian inheritance. Good job everyone!
  • 2021/04/03: Our group played a major role in revealing the reference sequence of the maize B chromosome. It has been released at MaizeGDB (Link).
  • 2021/10/02: Radim and Lucie attended Training school in Proteomics and Protein-Protein Interaction (INDEPTH). Thank you for having us!
  • 2021/05/02: Radim and Jan significantly contributed to the identification of gene TaMSH7-3D, responsible for Ph2 phenotype in wheat. The results were published in Nature Communications (Full text).
  • 2021/04/02: Barbora Zpěváková started to work on her bachelor thesis in our group. She is going to study B chromosome gene polymorphisms in maize landraces. Good luck!
  • 2021/22/01: Radim successfully finished his PhD studies concerning Physical mapping of Ph2 region in hexaploid wheat! Congratulations!
  • 2021/18/01: Natálie Harnádková is going to work on her bachelor thesis as part of our group. She is going to develop PCR markers specific to B chromosomes of Sorghum purpureosericeum. Her work will simplify screening for B-positive individuals!
  • 2021/15/01: A bachelor student Zdena Kašparová is a new member of our team. She is going to study Irregular transmission of the B chromosome in Sorghum purpureosericeum. We are looking forward to see the results.


Ph.D. position

Study of B chromosomes during embryo development in Sorghum purpureosericeum
B chromosomes are supernumerary non-essential chromosomes that have been discovered in many species among plants, animals and fungi. Due to their dispensable nature, in a given species, B chromosomes can be either present or absent among different individuals and even different tissues. In Sorghum purpureosericeum, B chromosomes undergo extensive elimination during early embryo development.

Single nuclei transcriptomics in developing S. purpureosericeum embryo will be the main topic for the Ph.D. study. A candidate will develop technology for single nucleus RNA-seq and use bioinformatic tools to cluster snRNA-seq data, assess gene expression and follow B chromosome elimination. He/She should have at least a basic experience of molecular biological techniques, a positive attitude towards computers and data analysis, and a passion for learning new techniques. MSc. in molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics or similar is required.

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